Takara Kabuto

Takara Kabuto

Takara Kabuto Bike is designed by the concept of simplicity but still comes in elegant appearance. Made by a strong steel frame leads to more durability and the price of this Takara Kabuto Road Bike is not expensive. Existence of a flip flop tub allows a rider to have combination of certain fixed gear and single-speed mode, which one to choose will depend on condition of a road.

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What makes this Takara Kabuto Road Bike something unique is about hand crafted make. As usual, something that is made hand crafted can bring unique nuance. Specially designed wheels of Takara Kabuto make it has more ability to withstand imperfect roads.

For more comfortable during your ride, this Takara Kabuto is equipped with pedals of allow cage where toe clips are attached. Bar tape of this bike is cork and it weighs 29.5 pounds. Seat collar of Takara Kabuto Road Bike is alloy while kickstand is made of high quality steel.

Takara Kabuto Review Customers

Takara Kabuto
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Easy to put together and adjustments are very simple. I peeled off most of the vinyl graphics. The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike has some nicer features than I expected- especially the handlebars, tires, and pedals. I got the 54 cm frame. I am 5'10" and 185 lbs, and I guessed correctly as anything larger would have been too big.
--Takara Kabuto Review by Michael Gray--

I purchased this Takara Kabuto Road Bike around February of this year. I needed the bike because I was going to have to commute to classes and work.

I was amazed at the great price of the Takara Kabuto Bike and after reading all of the Takara Kabuto Reviews I decided to purchase it despite never assembling a bike before. The instructions were a little confusing, but you get used to them.

I finished the Takara Kabuto Bike in about 30-40 minutes and I took it for a spin. It road great. One adjustment I made was taking off the toe clips on the pedals (just make sure you retighten those bolts very well or they will rattle loose guaranteed!). I never really like those and they get in the way for me.

I know other's really enjoy those so it isn't really a negative. After owning Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike for 6 months, I can tell you that it continues to ride great and I am always getting compliments from friends and even strangers. During one ride a brazen kid offered to trade his bike for mine. I respectively declined. I love this Takara Kabuto Road Bike and will never give it up.
--Takara Kabuto Review by N Lucka--

Takara Kabuto Product Advantages

Takara Kabuto Bike
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As a matter of fact, whether or not a product can be said to be qualified will depend on certain factors. One of them is about what consumer says about quality of a product. When it comes to consumer’s opinion to Takara Kabuto, the majority of consumer comes in positive perspective.

Some said that this Takara Kabuto Bike is very unique not only in style but also design. ‘What a modern bike!!’ This is what people think about Takara Kabuto. However, there are some people who think of attached stickers of this Takara Kabuto Road Bike as something excessive.

They consider this Takara Kabuto Bike will be much better than that without many stickers. Another negative issue with respect to Takara Kabuto is about lack of ability of its toe hooks in handling extreme stress although some think of it is not a matter of debate.

Low price, unique design and elegant look, however, excel some negative issues of this Takara Kabuto Bike and therefore most think of this bike as one of the most wanted. A perfect score of five is given to some plus points of this Takara Kabuto Bike and it means that this bike is worth buying.

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Takara Kabuto 5out of 5 based on 69 ratings. 69 user reviews.